Securing your energy with care

Our community

IGas has a long track record of engaging with neighbouring communities. Our workforce lives and works in the areas in which we operate, and the strength of our relationships with local residents is vital to us. In all areas, we work with local people through our Community Liaison Groups to ensure our activities are understood and lead to real benefits for all. We are committed to in‑depth and meaningful consultation and engagement.

We have committed to distribute several hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in community projects in parishes adjacent to our sites, through an independently managed community fund. 

Ensuring our presence makes a meaningful and positive contribution to the areas in which we operate and is sustainable over the long term; core to which is our commitment to operate safely and reliably.

In June 2013, DECC announced a benefits package for communities near shale gas drilling sites. Under the proposals operators will offer local communities £100,000 per hydraulically fractured well at the exploratory stage, as well as 1% of revenues once sites become commercial, potentially worth several million pounds per site.

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