Unlocking Britain's Energy Potential

Our people

Our continued growth and development as a company is dependent on us retaining the highest calibre of employee. Building on the skills of our team is an integral part of this and, due to us operating in several locations; we play a part in supporting local employment and local economies the length and breadth of Britain.

We promote training and education of all employees, in order to benefit both themselves and the Company. The Company has recently augmented the annual appraisal and competency assessment procedures by automating the traditionally “paper-based” process. Going forward, this will allow employees access to their own performance records and assist in the identification of training needs.

Our commitment to the environment and local communities is reflected in the importance we place on the health, safety and well-being of our employees. In addition to on-going vocational training and development, all employees are required to undertake core health and safety training modules.

We recognise the need for new talent and new ideas and in addition to advertising job-vacancies on our website, we also work with local recruitment agencies and newspapers to advertise positions.

We continue to support three apprentices who joined towards the end of 2014:

An apprentice Mechanical Engineer (Well Services) who completed “classroom” based training at end of April and is now working in the field full-time, and two apprentice E&I Technicians (Maintenance) who continue to combine both work and study as part of their apprenticeships.

Jack Parker has completed his apprenticeship and has been working in a permanent role as E&I Technician since 1 October 2015. Danny Coo, a former apprentice who became an Operator in January 2014, successfully applied for an internally advertised role of Production Technician in December 2015.