Securing your energy with care


IGas has an excellent record in relation to health and safety and environmental protection. We operate to established company and industry standards and processes which ensure provision of safe and responsible working practices across all our operational activities. These company standards encompass all aspects of our Health, Safety and Environmental management obligations, and are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our employees, external contractors, government regulators, joint venture partners and the communities with whom we interface.

Our incident rate involving injury continues to remain below the national average for similar industries. We are proud to have recently been awarded our tenth consecutive Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Gold Award, which recognises the efforts of all our employees and on-site contractors towards maintaining high standards of health and safety.

Our mandatory environmental operating standards are applied to all areas of the business, and we continue to maintain a proactive working relationship with Environmental Regulators. Our commitment to sustain and enhance the environments in which we operate, means that we work in close collaboration with local communities and other organisations involved in protecting all aspects of the local habitat.

The active participation of our employees in all phases of our operations includes attendance at regular safety meetings, development of operational risk assessments, facility inspections and facility modification assessments. All these activities contribute to identification of potential hazards and allow for the application of an appropriate degree of mitigation to manage risk safely. In circumstances involving either injury or near-miss events, any subsequent incident investigation will usually include employee representation and is intended to identify perceived deficiencies which will ensure development and implementation of the necessary measures to prevent reoccurrence. The active participation of employees and on-site contractors contributes towards a robust approach to maintaining a strong safety culture across our operating environment.

Our management system has been developed around the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 14001 international standards, and successful retention of certification to these standards has been achieved through routine independent third party assessment of our management processes, which is complimented by our internal audit programme that drives all areas of the business towards a continuous improvement process.